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💡 Turbobit - Share your Files

Turbobit, has been providing you with the opportunity to share files with your family or friends for over 14 years. With over 14 million accesses per month, the filehoster ranks between the market leader and the underperforming provider The Service offers basic features to everyone for free, but for advanced functionality, a Turbobit Premium Account (also known as Turbobit Turbo Access) is required. Turbobit is operated by Công ty TNHH from Vietnam.

⬆️ Upload Files

There are various ways to upload your files. The service traditionally provides a browser upload that allows you to upload one or multiple files from your local computer. This enables convenient transfer of your files. If you want to transfer files from an external source to Turbobit, the remote upload function or URL upload is recommended. With this function, you can enter links into the designated form, and Turbobit will download the files from the specified URLs and store them in your account.

Turbobit Upload OptionsTurbobit offers browser upload, URL upload, and FTP upload to upload your files to Turbobit.

If you prefer to transfer your files to Turbobit through software, the service provides the convenient function of FTP upload. Each user receives their own FTP access credentials, which can be used to establish a connection to Turbobit via FTP software. One popular and free option is the program Filezilla. By entering your FTP access credentials into Filezilla, you can establish a secure connection and upload your files directly to Turbobit. After a short waiting period, the uploaded files will be displayed in Turbobit's file manager, where you can conveniently manage them. Another option is the program File & Image Uploader. This software provides a user-friendly interface for easy file uploading and management. It allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously and utilize various options for file management. With these versatile upload options, Turbobit offers a flexible and user-friendly platform for sharing and storing your files.

📂 Turbobit - Manage Your Own Files

You can conveniently manage your uploaded files, such as videos, audios, images, or documents, in Turbobit's self-developed file manager. The manager supports all known functions, such as renaming, moving, and, of course, deleting files. All functions are clearly communicated, and all buttons are labeled. At Turbobit, you can always see how long your files will remain accessible before being deleted after 30 days of inactivity. This time can only be extended by purchasing a Premium Account or by downloading the file. Whenever Turbobit deletes a file, you can check the reason for the deletion. In this regard, Turbobit clearly surpasses services like Ddownload or Rapidgator. 👍

The 📂 File Management of Turbobit HosterTurbobit's file management leaves little to be desired

⬇️ Download Files

You can download files from Turbobit using a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet browser, as well as the free software Jdownloader. After a 60-second waiting period and solving a captcha, the download will start. The average download speed of Turbobit is 56KB/s, which is comparable to Ddownload or Rapidgator. As with other providers, there is a waiting period of 1.5 hours after the last download. These circumstances can only be improved by purchasing a Turbobit Premium Account.

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